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    accessing unpacked war directory?

    Louis Masters Newbie

      From within my running app's properties file, I need to absolutely reference a directory within my war file. The problem is that the hot deployer unpacks it to a semi-random directory under the tmp\deploy directory. Any idea on how to access this directory programmatically?

      For example:

      Within an ear file I have a xxx.war file. This war file contains a directory named 'abc'. I deploy the ear and the deployer also deploys the war in a directory like: c:\jboss\server\xxx\tmp\deploy\tmp1111xxx-exp.war. Within this exploded directory is the abc directory. From my application, I have a properties file that has to have an entry like:


      or something to that affect.

      Is this doable?
      Is my only alternative to not hot deploy and unpack the war myself?