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    Server side HA-JNDI

    Federico Becaría Newbie

      Hi, I have two doubts about HA-JNDI and load balancing.

      I am running JBoss 4.0.2 in a cluster with two machines.

      In a node I have deployed a singleton queue. When I want to lookup the queue from the other node in the cluster, I have to set this properties to find it:


      if I do not set this properties, the node can't find the queue. Why must I set this properties? If I lookup the queue from a normal client, I can find the queue without this properties. I thought that the queue was binded to the HA-JNDI.

      The other doubt is similiar but with SLSB EJB. I have a clustered SLSB EJB deployed in the two nodes. But if I want to lookup the EJB from one node, I can't get load balancing. I always get a reference to the EJB deployed in the server from where I'm doing the lookup. How can I get load balancing in a scenario like this?

      Thanks very much