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    Invoking Servlets

    Alex Adranghi Newbie

      JBoss AS Version: 4.0.3SP1


      Worked myway through the tutorial, which I managed to get working in the end. I'm now started on a project however I'm running into problems in deployment. Everything seems to deploy correctly, except for some reason I can't access any servlets via Tomcat.

      Since I'm not confident enough on the platform to jump right in, I'm working from the tutorial and moving parts of the implimentation over to the project. For some reason beyond me, this has caused everything to stand still. Now the new EJB and Servlet aren't even rigged up against the HTML post page, which is the same as the tutorials, so I don't think it should affect it at all.

      I've checked the WAR and the classes are in for deployment; then again if they weren't it wouldnt have let me deploy it.

      Help would be must appreicated. Need any more information, just let me know. Many thanks.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE application PUBLIC
       "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD J2EE Application 1.3//EN"
       <display-name>Sum Application</display-name>

       * @web.servlet
       * name="Compute"
       * display-name="Computation Servlet"
       * description="Servlet that compute Fibonacci suite"
       * @web.servlet-mapping
       * url-pattern="/Compute"
       * @web.ejb-ref
       * name="ejb/Fibo"
       * type="Session"
       * home="tutorial.interfaces.FiboHome"
       * remote="tutorial.interfaces.Fibo"
       * description="Reference to the Fibo EJB"
       * @jboss.ejb-ref-jndi
       * ref-name="ejb/Fibo"
       * jndi-name="ejb/Fibo"