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    Facing Problems With Eclipse and Jboss Configuration

    Ahmed eltahir Newbie

      Hi , Im a Beginner in this Jboss World and I was Following the Tusc Tutorial , I'm using Eclipse 2.1.0 With Jboss 3.2.1 on Win32 , But In Chapter One I Have a Problem in Configuring The JRE_SRC and JRE_SRCROOT Classpath Variables that's why it Gives me The Error Message in the Lomboz j2ee View , So When i go to Lomboz Server Definitions there's and X marked on the JRE_SRC and JRE_SRCROOT , Last successfull Step was to Generate the EJB classes for the OnlineBank Module, and also When i want to Start the Jboss Server in Debug Mode from the Lomboz J2ee View It doesnt start, Note that it starts when i run its executable (run.jar) ..
      I tried to check the Classpath Variables Under Prefences / Java but i can see JRE_LIB (reserved) with the rt.jar but in JRE_SRC and JRE_SRCROOT its reserved but Empty ..
      Can You please help ..