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    Reasons not to use Jboss? Is this true?

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      I'm trying to pursue the folks @ work to use JBoss for our next projet. But, I was hit with the following reasons for not going with JBoss. I can validate the reasons by doing a little investigation. But, thought of throwing this up in the forum to see others response as well.

      Here are the reason - BTW, folks came up with this reasons want to go with WebLogic.

      1. Jboss uses multicast for replication in a cluster .This does not provide scalability and generates network traffic. This wont impact the application servers, but if there are multiple applications in the netwrok, they will be impacted. Currently we are using Jboss in a loadbalanced configuration. This is not an application cluster, therefore performance and failover are poor, the session is not shared among the cluster.

      2. Jboss has poor quality, the JCA and transaction manager are not J2EE compliant (at least this was the case with Jboss 3.x).

      3. Jboss does not have good EJB pooling capabilities. For instance for a pool size of 500, the pool cannot be incremented by 20. This is something that is provided by weblogic, and therefore providing better memory utilization. Also the pool sizes cannot be decremented within Jboss. If the pool size reaches the max, it stays at the max.

      4. Jboss lacks add on utilities and programs for clustering, performance tuning and server monitoring. Weblogic includes good profiling tools as well. Jboss does not have a nice way to create and populate domains, or handling creation/management/deploy of queue's and topics

      Any response validating the above reasonings will be appreciated!