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    JBoss on Mac OS X (not OS X Server)?

    Steve Rehrauer Newbie

      Dumb question: Is anyone using JBoss on OS X? I am going to be getting a Mac Pro (Intel-based) soon to replace an aging Power Mac, want to start kicking the tires with JBoss, and am just wondering whether I will be able to use it in OS X, or whether I should plan to buy a copy of Windows and use the dual-boot feature to use it on the Windows side?

      (To be clear: I am not expecting to have OS X Server, but the consumer-grade OS X instead. This is a home machine.)

      If the answer is "yes, works fine on OS X", can anyone point this newbie to forums or threads that might cover the gotchas and lookoutfors of installing and running on that platform?

      Thanks! --Steve