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    Parameter is not sent to my method from jsf

    Ole Bille Newbie


      On my jsf page I have this.

      <h:dataTable value="#{surveys}" id="surveys"

      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText value="navn" />
      <s:link value="#{surveyxx.name}" action="#{editSurvey.selectSurvey(surveyxx)}"/>



      in my pages.xml I have this.
      <page view-id="/ManageSurveys/surveyList.xhtml" login-required="true">

      <navigation from-action="#{editSurvey.selectSurvey(surveyxx)}">
      <redirect view-id="/ManageSurveys/surveyElementsEdit.xhtml"/>

      and my method looks like this
      public void selectSurvey(Survey surveyxx)

      survey = surveyxx;


      My method is called allright but surveyxx is just null instead of containing the object from the list. What Im trying to achieve here is that when a user clicks an object on the list I want it put on session and then return to a page where I can edit content on the object.

      Im new to jsf. So I might be making some dumb rookie mistake =)