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    Migration.. Stupid Question?

    Lieve Van den Heuvel Newbie

      I'm currently migrating from Weblogic to JBoss but I'm having some pretty (stupid) basic problems and I really hope someone can help me out here..

      First of all in Weblogic you can access your server console from anywhere on the network (http://<<server-address>>/console), now I was wondering if you can do the same for jboss? I know there is the jmx-console but for now I can only access it on the local machine as for all the other stuff I deployed..

      I installed a Jboss 4 and I also deployed Axis (my project uses that and I want to start with what I have right now).. If I run the server and go to the localhost:8080/axis, I get the axis page, but if I try it from my local PC I can't get it to work it always says Page cannot be displayed..

      I guess this is a pretty dumb question but I've been looking for a day and I just can't seem to find the answer to that..

      So please help me out here :)

      Thank you very much!