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    read only caches

    Steven Guy Newbie

      Is there a way to specify a cache instance as "read only"?

      I would like to set up an environment where some processes
      (where I say process, I mean different JVM) can write to
      their caches and those changes are distributed to the other
      caches in the group. Likewise, some processes should not be
      allowed to write to their caches. These readonly processes
      basically just want to listen to a live copy of the cached
      data (by attaching a cache listener). I'd like to prevent
      the possibility of accidentally having one of these
      supposedly read-only cache processes write to the cache.

      The most obvious solution seems to be for me to make a
      ReadOnlyCache interface, then attach it to TreeCache (via a
      thin wrapper or injecting with an aspect or
      something if that is possible). Once I have the
      ReadOnlyCache, I can hide away the real cache in a singleton
      somewhere and just expose the ReadOnlyCache interface to the
      public. Although it makes it more difficult to screw up and
      write something to the cache when you don't mean to, it
      doesn't seem foolproof or elegant.

      Any suggestions?


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          Bela Ban Master

          I think using a separate facade, which delegates to the cache or, in case of writes, throws an exception is what I'd do too.

          We have a task in the roadmap for providing an interface to the cache, rather than direct access via the class.