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    JBossCache 1.2.1 released

    Bela Ban Master

      FYI, below are the release notes.

      Note that if you want to use the BerkeleyDB Java Edition CacheLoader (DbdjeCacheLoader), you have to download it separately. The file is JBossCache-Sleepycat-1.2.1.zip.


      Release 1.2.1 (March 2005)


      * JndiName has been removed, use JrmpProxyFactory instead to bind any type of MBean into JNDI.
      See the documentation for TreeCache for an example
      * DelegatingCacheLoader has become an abstract class: use one of the subclasses (e.g. LocalDelegatingCacheLoader)
      * Concurrent upgrade from a read-lock to a write-lock by *different* transactions on the *same* node is currently not
      supported, e.g. get("/a/b/c") acquires a RL, subsequent put("/a/b/c") by the same transaction will acquire a write
      lock. If multiple transactions try to simultaneously upgrade "/a/b/c" from RL to WL, only one will succeed, the others
      will get an exception (and therefore roll back their transaction):
      UpgradeException: upgradeLockAttempt(): more than one reader trying to simultaneously upgrade to write lock)

      ** Feature Request
      * [JBCACHE-101] - JGroups-based DelegatingCacheLoader

      ** Bug
      * [JBCACHE-15] - 4.0 testsuite failures
      * [JBCACHE-17] - No synchronization between CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor and LockInterceptor
      * [JBCACHE-19] - TreeCache.evict() doesn't go though interceptor chain
      * [JBCACHE-20] - Incompatible change in JndiName attribute
      * [JBCACHE-21] - No synchronization between CacheLoaderInterceptor and LockInterceptor
      * [JBCACHE-24] - LockInterceptor needs to lock child nodes recursively on remove(Fqn)
      * [JBCACHE-32] - Transaction already active on replication's PREPARE phase
      * [JBCACHE-37] - Stack Overflow when using Collection classes in TreeCacheAop
      * [JBCACHE-38] - Eviction policy timer starts multiple times if cache is restarted
      * [JBCACHE-39] - Correct restart of JBossCache (inside JBoss)
      * [JBCACHE-78] - Failed state transfer doesn't release locks on TreeCache
      * [JBCACHE-83] - java.lang.IllegalStateException: addWriter(): owner already existed
      * [JBCACHE-84] - unable to call getKeys using JNDI
      * [JBCACHE-90] - Class not found exception in TreeCacheAop when running with different class loader
      * [JBCACHE-91] - TX Isolation always REPEATABLE_READ
      * [JBCACHE-93] - Memory problem at repeated remote PUT
      * [JBCACHE-94] - Incorrect synchronization between threads (CreateIfNotExistsInterceptor and LockInterceptor)
      * [JBCACHE-95] - Class cast exception in TreeCacheView2
      * [JBCACHE-96] - Memory leak in FileCacheLoader
      * [JBCACHE-99] - FileCacheLoader uses incorrect classloader
      * [JBCACHE-111] - Transaction not available in afterCompletion() of CacheStoreInterceptor

      ** Task
      * [JBCACHE-2] - Upgrade Sleepycat's CacheLoader to 1.7.0
      * [JBCACHE-16] - Plan for JGroups/JBoss Cache training development
      * [JBCACHE-22] - Create UnlockInterceptor
      * [JBCACHE-23] - Override bindToJndi() in TreeCacheAop
      * [JBCACHE-36] - Run testsuite on multi-CPU boxes in ATL lab
      * [JBCACHE-50] - Remove binding of TreeCache into JNDI

      ** Patch
      * [JBCACHE-81] - DummyTransactionManager ThreadLocal uses Map
      * [JBCACHE-82] - Deserialized Node object doesn't have the FQN set