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    usage/performance questions

    plainkeyman Newbie

      i've started using the TreeCache method of jboss-cache. i'm trying to store my report objects into jboss cache. most of my report objects when serialized are about 800k each, others may be more. i will be saving/retreiving hundreds of these objects -- total disk space is about 2gigs (file size from using a less effective caching system that i made).

      currently, i am able to put these objects into the cache.... but as soon as i start retreiving some of these objects, i run out of memory. my machine has 1gig of memory and i've told jboss to start with parameters: "-Xms128m -Xmx912m". but my machine eventually starts swapping memory to disk -- and eventually crashes.

      2 questions:
      is jboss-cache meant to be used for big/many objects like this? if so, why does it eat so much memory?

      is there a way to specify how much memory jboss-cache will use -- maybe through a eviction policy? if not, is it in the future plans?

      thank you