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    How to turn off session replication in JBoss 4.0.4?

    somu junkee Newbie


      We are having two JBoss 4.0.4 on the same machine in a cluster in active-active way.With active active cluster, we are running into serializable exceptions because of session replication and are experiencing unacceptable latency. So we have decided to use cluster just for fail over and not for session replication.

      I know that our code has objects that are not implementing serializable interface but at this stage we cannot afford to change it. we also feel that we do not have to change it if we are not going for session relication.

      After reading some of the posts here and refering couple of other documents, I found out that change of cache mode attribute to local should turn off sessio replication. Also we are using modjk, so I commented out the following





      Even after making these changes, I still see serializable exceptions.
      I am not sure if session replication is happening or not. We do not want session replication, please advice me on the changes that I need to make to turn off session replication...Thanks