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    richfaces dropDownMenu  cann't action and navigation to my j

    Wang Xiaohe Newbie

      Hello there,

      I have developed a system have done the vast majority of my testing in Firefox.... I have now come to test using IE6 and have an issue...
      My menu used the richfaces dropDownMenu. The items of this menu are created in the backing bean and are got from the oracle database. The menu is:

      <rich:menuGroup value="By type" binding="#{browseMemu.interactionType}"/>

      The method of "#{browseMemu.interactionType} is :
      public HtmlMenuGroup getInteractionType(){
       HtmlMenuGroup myTypeMenuGroup = new HtmlMenuGroup();
       myTypeMenuGroup.setValue("By interaction Type");
       Application application = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication();
       String hql = "select distinct (it.id.interactiontypeclass) from Interactiontypeclassify it";
       // String hql = "select i.id from Interaction i";
       //detectMethod = getHibernateTemplate().find(hql);
       Session session = HibernateSessionFactory.getSession();
       Query query = session.createQuery(hql);
       List interactionType = query.list();
       Iterator iterator = interactionType.iterator();
       HtmlMenuItem menuItem = null;
       Integer k=0;
       while (iterator.hasNext ()) {
       String typesName=iterator.next().toString();
       menuItem = new HtmlMenuItem();
       menuItem.setId("type_menuItem_"+ k.toString());
       HtmlCommandLink commandLink =
       (HtmlCommandLink) application.createComponent(HtmlCommandLink.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       MethodBinding mb = application.createMethodBinding("#{interactionList.listInteractionByType}",null);
       commandLink.setId("type_comankLink_"+ k.toString());
       UIParameter parameter = (UIParameter)application.createComponent(UIParameter.COMPONENT_TYPE);
       parameter.setId("type_param_"+ k.toString());
       // System.out.print("test***"+parameter.getParent());
       return myTypeMenuGroup;

      when navigating (using the the menu action) from one page to another from the main page ,it runs ok!
      But if I action to one page, and want to use the menu to action to other page, I am getting a freeze. IE is displaying all the page I first access. But there is nothing wrong in the log ang the server.
      I debug it , the param and the return is ok.

      Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated