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    Using JAAS for datasource

    John prince Newbie


      JBoss300, Win2K, jdk131, mysql-323 - I have set up a MySql database for use with my app, and as long as I put the username and password in the mysql-service.xml file, everything works fine. The problem is that I am trying to shift over to jaas, so I set up a new app in the login-config.xml file as instructed, making sure that the names matched, but I get security exceptions when my app tries to access the database: null Principal and so on.

      I have reread all the security stuff in 'Professional EJB', the Jboss 30 quick start guide and so on, and declared the security domains in the jboss.xml and jboss-web.xml files, but all to no avail.

      Has anybody got this working? If so could you post a bit of your login-config file and maybe explain how the realm for the database relates to other realms for the applications which use it?

      Many thanks,

      John Prince