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    javadoc ???

    kramer Newbie

      Hi, and thanks for a good app server !

      Looking all over the site for a browsable online javadoc. Maybe there isnt one, but it sure would be a good idea -right ?

      I first downloaded the build distribution. No javadoc. Then the src dist (still no javadoc). I checked for previous posts on the topic (I guessed someone else than me must miss it ...). Well the same question has been posted, and the reply was to use the build scripts to generate it. Well, the "doc/docs" target is not supported by build.xml ... Maybe I could generate everything from scratch using the build all target - but why then download the binary distribution in the first place :-)

      Is there no way online to browse the docs or generate only the docs from a "docs" ant target ?
      I'd like to suggest either a separately downloadable javadoc-zip file - or to be able to browse it online here at jboss.org. Also maybe javadoc should be something for the FAQ ?

      Any help appreciated