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    Problems when redeploying

    solo Newbie

      Hi, I've written some sample code. Consists of:

      * Interceptor (client and server ala good ol' JBoss) for context passing
      * Some AOP interceptors and attributes.
      * All is packed into a aopdemo.ear on the following structure:
      *** ejb-jar.jar -- EJB stuff only
      *** ejb-aop.aop -- AOP interceptors and implementation, JBOSS interceptors

      * Everything is pre-instrumented via annotation compiler and aopc.

      It deploys ok and I can run testing on the stateless session beans. I change the code slightly and re-deploy the ear. The re-deployment seems to work out ok.

      But when invoking the stateless session beans i cannot cast the context payload that gets serialized over the wire to IContext interface. Seems to me like some class loading problem but IContext and interceptor, or rather everything except the bean itself, is in the same jar (ejb-aop.aop). Since *.aop gets deployed with the Aspect manager I wonder if ther's any tweaks done or other that makes this fail?

      Many Regards,

      BTW: If I enable transform to true it will only deploy once, second time
      will be a null pointer exception...

      19:55:56,917 INFO [STDOUT] (2377175)FATAL: Not a IContext !!!: se.dataductus.aopdemo.context.DefaultContext
      19:55:56,917 INFO [STDOUT] Implements: se.dataductus.aopdemo.context.IContext
      19:55:56,917 INFO [STDOUT] Implements: java.io.Serializable