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    JBWS-1260 - Naming for anonymous types.

    Darran Lofthouse Master

      I am currently working on JBWS-1260, I have a set of 27 different WSDLs that I have put through wscompile and I am then putting through wstools to compare the generated artifacts.

      I think this is a bug with wscompile but I just wanted to check before I override the generated descriptor from wscompile.

      The following is the input message: -

      <element name='lookup' type='tns:Person'/>
      <complexType name='Person'>
       <element name='Name'>
       <attribute name='postcode' type='string'/>

      When we create the java-xml mapping we map it using the following anonymous qname: -

      <anonymous-type-qname xmlns:typeNS='http://test.jboss.org/ws/jbws1260/types'>typeNS:>Person>Name</anonymous-type-qname>

      wscompile maps it as: -

      <root-type-qname xmlns:typeNS="http://test.jboss.org/ws/jbws1260/types">typeNS:lookup-Name</root-type-qname>