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    Changes to /tools/etc/buildfragments/targets.ent

    Yanik Crépeau Newbie

      I have changed the docs-javadocs target definition in the targets.ent file.

      If you use JDK 1.4 (or later), the annoying stream of "Unsuported ejb.xxx tag" or "Unsupported jboss.xxx tag" warnings is now shut down.

      docs-javadocs is now replaced by two (2) new targets: docs-javadoc_1_4 and docs-javadoc_1_3. The new docs_javadoc target simply test which version of JDK you use and switch to the appropriate target for actual execution.

      doc-javadoc_1_3 is simply the old docs-javadoc with a new name.

      docs-javadoc_1_4 is essentially the same except it uses a new feature available only with version 1.4 named tag subelements. With the tag subelement, I have defined all the "exotic" tags used by XDoclet. So, when javadoc encounters a XDoclet tag, it does not complain anymore that it does not know such a tag.