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    Expanding the thirdparty xref information

    Scott Stark Master

      I have updated the generate-lib-file target in build-thirdparty.xml to run the ComponentRefGraphLicenseVisitor:

       <target name="generate-lib-file"
       description="generate libraries.ent and thirdparty license info"
       <gen-lib-file filename="${generatedLibrariesFiles}" />
       componentVisitor="org.jboss.ant.util.graph.ComponentRefGraphLicenseVisitor" />

      This pulls down the license files for all active license types to thirdparty/licenses and builds a thirdparty/licenses/thirdparty-licenses.xml xref that is similar to what we had before.

      Additional xrefs that would be useful are:
      - artifact-users.xml : for every single artificat in thirdparty, list the components that reference it.
      - component-artifacts.xml : for every component, provide a complete list of its artifacts including imported artifacts.