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    Session passivation

    Radu Medesan Newbie

      When the EmbeddedCatalina41 MBean is configured with the attribute "DeleteWorkDirs" set to 'false', the web server does not recompile JSPs when restarted, but, it also passivates the current session by serializing it into the file tomcat-4.1.x/work/MainEngine/localhost//SESSIONS.ser.

      This has undesired implications since if the browser is not restarted, it will use the same session instead of a new one. This session object has attributes that must be serializable to send them through RMI, but are not valid if the server is restarted.

      Is it possible to disable session passivation?

      I've tried to remove those attributes by using Servlet2.3 listeners (HTTPSessionActivationListener, SessionListener, etc) but none of them helps.