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    Flash Integration experimental version

    Roberto Saccon Newbie

      I just have committed an experimental version of Nukes Flash integration.
      It is a module called mp3player, beside of playing music it also contains a simple module browser and the possibiity to log in and out (to demonstrate the access of the same HttpSession from Flash and HTML)
      In the root directory of the module there is README file and a roadmap.
      I am interested what you guys think about it, so we can discuss whether/how to continue with this approach.

      Julien, I had to add two lines of code to the NukesServlet (for redirecting flash-requests to the new flash-handler)


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          I added the module to nukesm however you forgot to add the package org.jboss.nukes.flash.config.
          Please correct it quickly since it prevent from building nukes.

          Also I would have preferred a cvs import instead of a bunch of cvs add.

          The .fla and .swf you added should be added in a src/bin instead of src/resources because the build filters the files within src/resources and often corrupt binary files.

          I will give you my feedbacks when I will be able to test it, but that seems impressive.

          I will publish a small file about how to import a module within nukes cvs.


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            Rob, I just fully integrated it.

            I moved the code from NukeServlet to FlashServlet that takes care of that. Details.

            We think that what you did is great. Seing the module collection in the main window was very cool. Franckly we are impressed by your work.

            We want to look forward in using flash handler. Could you explain how it is done is the flash component. We are very curious about details. How it works, etc...

            Would that be hard to make the same kind of interface for the html module ? that means
            seing all the files, editing text content and updating it ? If we have that for html module we will blow away everything in CMS land.


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              marc fleury Master

              > Would that be hard to make the same kind of interface
              > for the html module ? that means
              > seing all the files, editing text content and
              > updating it ? If we have that for html module we will
              > blow away everything in CMS land.

              Genial. That would be killer stuff, just online navigation of the tree including the versions at the nodes and tags to make prod and what not... oh, I love it....

              Show him the admin console for html as we have it right now
              > julien

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                Roberto Saccon Newbie

                Julien, good to hear that you guys like the flash stuff

                About the details at serverside:
                the flash-handler handles the remote invocations from flash, which is based on a binary protocol called AMF. Because everthing goes through JMX, it is very easy to limit flash on the serverside to invoke only on nuke modules. Not too complex objects can be passed (both ways) . The flash JMX handler is work in progress, based on contributions I did to www.openamf.org and maybe could be integrated with JBoss remoting, which has the same purpose, as far as I understood.

                About the client-side stuff:
                All the graphics is just drag and dop in the flash authoring tool. The orchestration (eventhandling, remote invocations) is done in about 123 lines of actionsscript, which is macromedias programming language, similar and as ugly as javascript.

                About html-module in flash:
                Ok, I will try to do that. Externalisation of Strings should also be possible (I have only verified for small amount of strings)
                Currently all files in html-module are presented in a list. Wouldn't it be nice to present them in a tree, which reflects the website structure ? (But how to get that tree-structure ? from the links inside the submitted html-pages, or is there a smarter way ?))
                Editing text could be done in a Flash WYSIWYG Editor. I have to see whether there is one around with no license issues. Preventing the loss of the edited content when accidentially clicking a link or backbutton, before saving, could be done with some kind of cyclic (lets say all 20 seconds) persisting editor content at the flash client (into shared objects, this is some kind of flash cookies)
                And when the 24 hours of the day are over, we could use the night to add a spellchecker based on jazzy.sf.net

                flashplayer 6 is needed (otherwise remote invocation does not work). I will make a block or module which wraps HTML and Javascript around the swf-file, to detect whether the client browser has that plugin and if not, a redirect to macromedias download page.
                Is it possible in nukes to embed Javscript into modules or blocks ?
                Does HtmlModule store resources into filesystem or into CLOBS/BLOBS (and what about the JBoss Media framework ?)
                Which MIME-types are or should be supported for the ressources ? (mp3 I could upload when testing the mp3module, but I think it was not enabled at jetty for download)