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    do me a favour about JCA and XA in system connection !

    taobigz Newbie

      i want to get some help from you.
      Now my J2EE platforms are websphere application developer and jboss.EISs are oracle9i and db2.
      And there are two applications on WSAD and Jboss seperately,the association between the two applications is one app on WSAD would take out some money from a table in oracle9i and transfer it to db2,just like finance transfer.
      I want to know how can i connect the two applications by JCA and accomplish the function of finance transfer use DTP specifications.The global transaction process is based on the XA.
      How can i do now ?
      Would you tell me the steps and way to complete the work of connecting two
      Apps?How to deploy the environment,and examples about this kind of problem?
      I learned JCA just now.So i am very poor in JCA and EAI.please help me!!It is really helpful if you could response me as soon as possilbe.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!Thank you very much for your help!