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    Mail Services for JBoss Milestone 1 released

    Andrew Oliver Master


      The first milestone of Mail Services for JBoss (unofficial codename: "Kabir") has been released. It has full support for basic SMTP/POP services including SSL and TLS support. It is built on JBoss and J2EE technologies. Messages are queued using JBossMQ, stored using JBossCMP. While this milestone has been tested, it is expected that early adopters replacing existing mail servers with Mail Services For JBoss will closely monitor their servers.

      While this is only a milestone release, Mail Services 1.0 will replace Apache JAMES as the defacto standard Java email server. When combined with the interaction of the features of the JBoss Application Server, it will be one of the most powerful email application solutions to date.

      I'd like to thank everyone who made this release possible but especially I'd like to thank Kabir Khan. Most of the bugs are mine, most of the fixes are his :-). Without Kabir this milestone would have been miles away.