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    AbstractWARDeployer and unpacking jars

    Adrian Brock Master

      In AbstractWarDeployer there's some code that unpacks jars into the tmp directory.
      This looks to be some limitation related to Tomcat not using the VFS from the comment

       /* Unpack wars to the tmp directory for now until tomcat can use the vfs directly. Since
       * the vfs deals with the distinction between a true directory, the only way we can tell from
       * this level of the api is to look for a url that ends in '/'. Here we assume that the name is
       * the root url.

      If we're going to do this properly, then the tmp directory files should be replacing
      the VFS urls in the classpath of the deployment.

      However, I bet Tomcat has some abstraction that we can override
      to tell it to use the VFS to load static resources?