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    problem converting Tutorial example to a CMP ejb.

    Milt Grinberg Newbie

      I took the JossIDE tutorial using Fibo and everything worked fine. I Tried to convert this to a CMP instead of session and when I try to run xdoclet on it I get the following error:

      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 53 ) Running XDoclet failed.
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 54 ) <<Unknown jboss version number for cmp2 2.4>>

      I am running jboss 4.0.3 with a JRE 1.4.2_08
      with JbossIDE 1.5

      The last line of the Xdoclet is where the arror is showing up

      Does any one have any idea what I'm doing wrong.