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    JBossAS 3.2.6 - Eclipse 3.2.1 - JBossIDE 2.0beta1 - My serve

    Briano Casotto Newbie

      In my fresh Eclipse 3.2.1, I've installed JBoss IDE 2.0 Beta1.
      I have configured (from the server view) a JBoss 3.2.6 server.

      When I start the server (either in debug or normal mode) from Eclipse, in the server view, JBoss always stay in "starting" status. Anyway the log says that the server is up. How can I fix this?

      Furthermore, if I start JBoss from Eclipse, the server can't compile my jsp pages. If I start the server from a DOSPrompt all goes well.

      Help! Please. I don't wanto to switch back to eclipse 3.1 :(...