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    XDoclet properties not displaying correctly

    Angus Monro Newbie


      I'm working through the IDE tutorial and tripping when I go to the XDoclet properties page. When I select Properties from the speed menu for the project and then select XDoclet, Eclipse gives me a popup saying "The currently displayed page contains invalid values" and does not display any XDoclet properties.

      When I then select a different properties category and then XDoclet again, it then displays a limited subset of the XDoclets properties page:
      - the Enable XDoclet checkbox & label
      - the label "Define the XDoclet configurations available for generation."
      - a blank, white text box.
      No other controls etc..

      I'm using JBoss IDE 1.6.0.GA installed via the Eclipse installer, on a fresh installation of Eclipse 3.2.1 under WinXP. This is being attempted via the Package Explorer under the Java view.

      Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.