The meeting agenda is



balunasj: Mostly today I want to wrap up loose ends, check status, and finalize release criteria

balunasj: First up lets talk about CSV status

alexsmirnov: Most standard validators have JavaScript implementations.

The missed stuff is currency/percent and date - time converters, which require complicated localization.

I'm working on messages now. We discussing HTML design details with Olga now.

JSR validation-api contains a few annotations only, most of them duplicate JSF part, so I use the same functions.

There is one problem found by QA https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10271

Actually, it's not a Java error. I throw exception to inform user about typo errors ( wrong class name )

But I don't figure out yet, how to distinguish user mistake and missed optional library.

lfryc:I think the validation should log message to page when there is client-side validation component on the page

in Project Stage: Development

otherwise it should not give any feedback


I mean through the standard messages right into the page - JSF itself is logging the issues with markup to the page directly


balunasj_mtg: ilya_shaikovsky: how about the showcase updates for it - think there will be time to get it in?

ilya_shaikovsky: Yup as Alex told that he complete integration I will try to create rich example to show different validators.. And update messages demo also.. It should not take a lot of time


balunasj_mtg: alexsmirnov: one of those critical issues left is the taglib issues, and some other CDK core items - alexsmirnov: one of those critical https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-9936?subTaskView=unresolved#issuetable

I'm hoping they are all related - so that you can fix 1/2 core items to resolve.

alexsmirnov: most of them looks like component configuration errors ( missed attributes ).

after CSV - just take a look - if others need to update - just reassign please

It's next in my shedule for this week.


balunasj_mtg: ok - next up is myfaces support

nbelaevski: currently we have 3 known MyFaces issues in JIRA

prabhaat: nbelaevski, you can see that with tomcat, mojarra has about 200 failures and myfaces has about 800

prabhaat: balunasj_mtg, we still have few components that just got added to Metamer and we need basic test for those with Mojarra first before we can investigate with myfaces


balunasj_mtg: next up is the client api review

ilya_shaikovsky: need to start refactoring I have only tree missing in document as far as I remember just proper names will be discussed right during impl and most of methods should be hidden as I believe (and you agreed as I remember)



balunasj_mtg: so we are talking about 21 tables on page + tree. assuming average of 3 hours

balunasj_mtg: 63+ hours


prabhaat:  we have a4j:ajax tests in Metamer at http://community.jboss.org/wiki/Metamer-ComponentCoverage

I mean testing our components with f:ajax - not just a4j:ajax

i.e. input components, etc..

nbelaevski: looks like we don't have resources to work on the issue I suggest to move it to CR2