Version 2

    Language Expressiveness Enhancements

    • New Conditional Elements: from(hibernate ready), collect, accumulate and forall

    • New Field Constraint operators: not matches, not contains, in, not in, memberOf, not memberOf

    • New Implicit Self Reference field: this

    • Full support to Conditional Elements nesting, for First Order Logic completeness.

    • Support to multi-restrictions and constraint connectives && and ||

    • Parser improvements to remove previous language limitations, like character escaping and keyword conflicts

    • Support to pluggable dialects and built-in support to Java and MVEL

    • Complete rewrite of DSL engine, allowing for full l10n

    • Fact attributes auto-vivification for return value restrictions and inline-eval constraints

    • Support to nested accessors, property navigation and simplified collection, arrays and maps syntax

    • Improved support to XML rules

    • Experimental Clips parser support


    Core Engine Enhancements

    • Native support to primitive types, avoiding constant autoboxing

    • Transparent optional Shadow Facts

    • Rete Network performance improvements for complex rules

    • Rule-Flow

    • Stateful and Stateless working memories (rule engine sessions)

    • Support for Asynchronous Working Memory actions

    • Rules Engine Agent for hot deployment and BRMS integration

    • Pluggeable dialects and and full support to MVEL scripting language

    • Dynamic salience for rules conflict resolution

    • Parameterized Queries

    • halt command

    • Sequential execution mode, faster performance and uses less memory

    • Pluggable global variable resolver


    IDE Enhancements

    • Support for rule break-points on debugging

    • WYSIWYG support to rule-flows

    • New guided editor for rules authoring

    • Upgrade to support all new engine features


    Business Rules Management System - BRMS

    • User friendly web interface with nice WEB 2.0 ajax features (GWT)

    • Package configuration

    • Rule Authoring easy to edit rules both with guided editor ( drop-down menus ) and text editor

    • Package compilation and deployment

    • Easy deployment with Rule Agent

    • Easy to organize with categories and search assets

    • Versioning enabled, you can easily replace yours assets with previously saved

    • JCR compliant rule assets repository


    Miscellaneous Enhancements

    • Slimmed down dependencies and smaller memory footprint