Version 1

    Agenda topics:

    Day One


    The future: crystal ball gazing and discuss what we think the big themes will be in 5 and 10 years time. (All)

    Office space. The Cloud Innovation Centre, relationship to the Red Hat/Newcastle University Research Centre. What's its purpose in the grand scheme, how does it benefit Ncl, Red Hat, Arjuna, how can it be made sustainable, what's the current plan, how do we pitch it and to whom? (Barry Hodgson lead).

    Red Hat investment in PhDs, MScs etc. in the next 3 years. (Mark)

    Red Hat Technology Investments in the next 3 years and why. (Mark)

    Jonathan to talk about Red Hat work in analytics and Big Data, particularly in relation to the funded PhD work.


    Day Two


         TSB project - Whiteboard discussion on initial plans. Steve Caughey on TSB project.


         Santosh on "A new characterization of atomicity of business interactions".


         Simon & Hugo talk about / demo e-Science Central, including their work on performance prediction for workflows on the cloud.

         Paul Watson on the work he and Mark have discussed around the security paper.

         Martyn on OpenStack and RDO.