Version 4


    The tag designed for usage with Ajax behaviours/components in order to provide specific options for queue which will be used by the behaviour/component or to attach it to some particular queue(future, now we have only one common queue)

    Base Discussion

    attachQueue as a Tag

    We decided to use tag because of poor support of nested behaviours in JSF itself(nested behaviour can't access it's parent directly and knows nothing about it). So the construction like this:


       <a4j:ajax event="keyup"...> 
           <a4j:attachQueue queue="foo"/>


    can't be processed correctly for this case if we will implement attachQueue as a behaviour.


    So in order to have this simple constructions working we will implement it as a tag.


    Simple case. The tag defined as a cild of simple ajax behavior or component with single behaviour:

       <a4j:ajax event="keyup"...> 
           <a4j:attachQueue queue="foo"/>
           <a4j:attachQueue queue="foo"/>


    More complex case. There we put tag to the component which has a few Ajax behaviours plugged:

           <a4j:attachQueue event="onexpand, oncollapse" queue="foo"/>
           <a4j:attachQueue event="onselect" queue="foo"/>

    Tag Options

    Ajax Request Options

    • requestSimilaryId
    • requestDelay
    • timeout
    • ignoreDupResponce


    • onrequestqueue
    • onrequestdequeue