Version 16

    This is the first release of a much better web based approach for alarm management based on the google web toolkit GWT.

    I have included the source and the war file in order to have your comments. The API from JBoss in being used in order to collect and manage the Alarms.

    Please make your remarks. I hope i will have some more time in order to improve it.





    • kept only css file from Parvinder Thapar

    • total alarm indication has added

    • if you have already the console deployed; click here --> GWT Alarms





    • better alarm management

    • indication of new alarms

    • the newly created alarms are first indicated



    • bug fixed concerning old-new alarms

    • bug fixed clearing table while nothing is selected

    • sources can be downloaded as .zip file. src.rar is out of date Jiorgos Miskakis


    *Snapshot 1: Mail client feel



    *Snapshot 2: Extra options for alarms