Version 8

    A Message is for communication across Pool boundaries between two entities that are prepared to send and receive them. In contrary to API Signal, Messages do have a specific target. They cannot connect two objects within the same Pool.


    A Message has a


    • Name
    • ToRef
    • FromRef

    You would create a Message through the API MessageBuilder and send it through the API MessageService like this


        MessageBuilder msgBuilder = MessageBuilderService.locateMessageBuilder();
        Message msg = msgBuilder.newMessage("RequestData").
        addProperty("Name", "Kermit").
        addProperty("From", "MUC").
        addProperty("To", "NYC").
        addProperty("Date", "25-Jul-2008").
        addProperty("Seats", "2");
        MessageService msgService = MessageService.locateMessageService();
        msgService.sendMessage(pocID, flowObjectName, msg);


    A component registers a API MessageListener with the API MessageService to catch the Message.