Version 5

    The jBPM API Roadmap

    The API is going to cover the concepts and construct from the BPMN 1-1 Specification in a Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). Additionally, it will cover well known Recognized Patterns in sample applications. To monitor progress and to add your requirements you can go to JIRA API Component.


    For UML and further explanation goto the API Design and API Mission pages.


    M1 - Basic Functionality


    Milestone 1 provides basic BPM constructs through the API.


    • Start Event (None,Signal)
    • End Event (None,Message)
    • Task (None,Send,Receive)
    • Activity InputSet/OutputSet
    • Gateway (Exclusive,Inclusive,Parallel)
    • Sequence Flow (Uncontrolled,Conditional,Default)
    • Manager (Process,Execution,Signal,Message)
    • Descriptor abstraction (Native,XPDL,jPDL3,STP)
    • Microkernel based configuration
    • Handlers (Execution,Flow,Signal)


    Expected time of completion in Q3/2008.


    M2 - Functional Equivalence


    Milestone 2 provides an the equivalent functionality through the API that is available to SOA-4.2 users today. This is essentially the functionality that is included in jBPM-3.2.


    With completion of this milestone the SOA Platform will offer users the option to model their processes in a standard way and execute it through a defined and stable API that is secured by the BPM Compatibility Test Suite (CTS).


    • Start Event (Message,Timer,Signal)
    • Intermediate Event (Message,Timer,Signal)
    • End Event (Message,Signal)
    • End Event Result
    • Task (User,Script,Manual)
    • Activity Properties
    • Sub-Process
    • Nested/Embedded Sub-Process
    • Exception Flow
    • Message Flow
    • Process Break
    • Process Assignments
    • Process Properties
    • Process InputSets/OutputSets
    • Sequence Flow Looping
    • Admin Console
    • BI/BAM Functionality
    • Transaction
    • Persistence


    Expected time of completion in Q2/2009.


    M3 - Functional Completeness


    Milestone 3 provides the full set of BPMN constructs


    • Pool/Lane
    • Start Event (Conditional,Multiple)
    • Intermediate Event (Error,Cancel,Compensation,Conditional,Link,Multiple)
    • End Event(Message,Signal)
    • Multiple Start Events
    • Complex Gateway
    • Task (Service,Reference)
    • Compensation Activity
    • Task with multiple outgoing sequence flows
    • Event-Based Exclusive Gateways
    • Activity Looping
    • Multiple Instance Looping
    • AdHoc Process


    Expected time of completion in Q4/2009.