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    I'm trying to create a queue on a JBoss AS server (7.1.1). Basically, I copied/pasted the jboss:domain:messaging subsystem from the

    standalone-full-ha.xml file into my standalone.xml file, and added my queue information.  Also, added the socket-bindings for message-throughput

    and remote-messaging.  Oh, forgot, up at the top, I added the line for the module.  When I started the server (./ it appeared to start,

    but bombed out at the end citing a bunch of missing/unsatisfied dependencies.


    The jboss server is located in an unconnected environment, so I'm "hacking" the error into this message....any further info will take awhile while

    I post it:


    Controller boot Thread JBAS014774 Service status report

    JBAS14775 New missing/unsatisfied dependencies:


         service jboss.binding.messaging (missing) dependents:  [service jboss.messaging.default]

         service jboss.binding.messaging-throughput (missing) dependents:  [service jboss.messaging.default]

         service jboss.jndi-view.extension.registry(missing) dependents:  [service]

         service jboss.naming (missing) dependents:  [service :jboss/datasources/ExampleDS]

         service (missing) dependents:  [service

         service (missing) dependents:  [service service, service, service, JBAS014799:  and 3 more ]



    Any guesses what may be causing the error?  The server starts, but the queue is definately not created.