Version 18

    Overall Status: 6.0.0.M1 Released!

    Release Goals

    • EE6 Preview Capabilities
      • JPA2 Beta
      • JSF2 Beta
      • BV Beta
      • Weld 1.0.0
    • Inclusion of mod_cluster
    • Embedded / Bootstrap prototype
    • Misc component updates and bug fixes

    Planned Release Dates

    Freeze/TagOctober 15, 2009
    Freeze/TagNovember 2, 2009Held for blockers and 5.2 -> 6M1 version switch.
    Freeze/TagNovember 16, 2009New 6.0.0.M1 tag
    Freeze/TagNovember 20, 2009Delayed due to last minute security issue
    ReleaseNovember 30, 20091 week QA
    ReleaseDecember 2, 2009Released

    Current Blocking Issues

    JSF2 Update Breaks Admin Console (JBAS-7320)

    During testing it was discovered that there were issues with the console. The issue was identified as a compatibility problem with RichFaces 3 (which the console requires) and JSF2. RichFaces extends JSF internals to achieve capabilities not in the spec, which is the source of the problem. The RF team is investigating a possible patch to 3 that will alleviate the problem. Alternatively, the console may need to be ported to an alpha of RichFaces 4.  Yet another possibility is getting the console to work with it's own bundled JSF1 version (either myfaces for sun).  This will likely require changes to the AS integration code. There is a meeting with the RF team on 10/15 to discuss the issue in more detail.


    Update: As of 10/15 it was decided to bundle the console with apache myfaces 1.2 for this release. A couple weeks will be needed for testing to verify this solution works. This is a short-term solution that will be replaced by one of the above options once they are ready.


    Update: As of 10/23 the approach appears to be working with the embjopr testsuite. There are a few failures being investigated


    Update: As of 11/06 this issue is resolved for M1

    JPA2 Integration Required Significant EJB3 Project Refactoring

    The EJB3 project team had to do some major module architecture changes to accommodate running both JPA2 and JPA1 on the same code base. The rationale is that the current stream of fixes will be compatible without needing backporting to both EAP5 and the current development branch. As of 10/15 this work is mostly complete, with a few minor tasks remaining (new integration tests).


    Other Pending Items

    Inclusion of mod_cluster (JBAS-7242)

    As of 10/15 the integration is ready. However, since the schedule is currently blocking, a minor dependency issue with JBossWeb is being work on.