Version 3

    See AS7ManagementVersions for the list of management model versions per AS 7 version. This document lists known issues/false positives in the output of CompareModelVersionsUtil for different AS 7 versions, mainly things which don't need to be (or cannot?) be transformed


    7.1.x versions

    Known issues from CompareModelVersionsUtil between 7.1.3 and 7.1.2.Final:

    ====== Resource root address: ["subsystem" => "security"] - Current version: 1.1.0; legacy version: 1.1.0 =======

    --- Problems for relative address to root ["security-domain" => "*"]:

    Missing parameters for operation 'flush-cache' in current: []; missing in legacy [principal]

    Different 'reply-properties' for operation 'list-cached-principals'. Current: {

       "description" => "list-cached-principals.return",

       "type" => LIST,

       "value-type" => STRING

    }; legacy: undefined

    The code for the operation handlers is identical. The difference is improvement of the DescriptionProviders, so no transformation is needed.