Version 41

    AS7 is comprised of the following projects:




    DescriptionProject link
    Version control link
    IRC room
    Issue tracking
    AS7 core
    Java Connector Architecture

    Management Console
    Modular Classloading System
    Modular Service Container
    Java Annotation Indexer
    JBoss Invocation API

    JBoss Class File Writer

    JBoss Logging
    Dynamic Model Representation

    StAX facade with plugability + usability enhancements

    JBoss Threads

    JBoss Transactions
    Weld (CDI) Java Contexts and Dependency Injection
    Arquillian for testing
    JBoss Java EE API
    JBoss (VFS) Virtual File System
    JBoss invocation API

    JGroups communications library for clustering
    JBoss Web Services
    JBoss Remoting JMX
    JBoss Remoting
    JBoss Marshalling


    Patched version of Mojarra


    All IRC channels are at Freenode IRC servers.