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    Hi all,


    We're running a few apps in productions sites around the world in 4.2.3.  We run Seam 2 and Richfaces 3.3.3, Hibernate etc.


    We've got a serious problem with memory consumption blowing out to > 4GB per day in one of our sites.  I've grabbed a memory dump and trolled through it with the memory analyzer in eclipse and tracked our problem down to this bug


    So I thought I'd upgrade JBoss to pick up a fix and decided to try the "least" pain options as we need to try and get this done as quickly as possible.  So I tried AS 5.1.  Now I'm running into this bug:


    So I've some questions:

    1. Is there a way to get the fix for the first issue in 4.2.3?  Is there a way to get the fix for the second issue in 5.1?  Or is this the sort of support we'd need to go to the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for?  Would this fixes be in a 4.2.X and 5.X equivalent version in JEAP?  I'm very reluctant to start applying fixes and rolling my own version of AS.
    2. How would you recommend we proceed?  Please keep in mind we don't have time to upgrade to EJB3.1 / JSF2.x / Richfaces 4 etc as we need a solution to the memory leaks ASAP.
    3. If we can get a fix for that memory leak in 4.2.X and the immediate preasure is off, what version of AS would you recommend we try upgrading to?  We're pretty well joined at the hip to Seam 2.X so moving to JSF 2.X is probably out for now.


    Thank heaps for your time / thoughts.