Version 2
    Multiple repositories and workspaces

    The Guvnor Eclipse plugin is somewhat restricted by the Guvnor web app in that it does not expose more than one repository, and it presumes the workspace name. This will have to be made more generic to handle multiple governance repositories within a single installation (and without requiring a separate WAR file for each repository).


    Non-file content

    Guvnor currently allows the user to explore the repository contents exposed only via the WebDAV. This means that all content is represented to the plugin as files and folders. There is no facility within the Guvnor plugin to view other artifact information and metadata (e.g., descriptions, relationships to other artifacts, lifecycle status, etc.).



    Since Guvnor uses JCR, and JCR offers query support, it would be beneficial if Guvnor Eclipse provided a way to query the repository content. ModeShape offers a JDBC driver that could be used with Eclipse Data Tools, and this JDBC driver could (with changes) possibly support Jackrabbit (although Jackrabbit has an older JDBC driver implementation without database metadata support).


    .guvnorinfo Files

    The current Guvnor plugin generates ".guvnorinfo" directories within each project, in much the same way that SVN creates ".svn" directories. These pollute the workspace and can easily become out of sync should files be moved around within the workspace.


    The plugin should be changed to no longer generate these files, but to instead use the resource properties that are built-into Eclipse. Such properties are durable (they're persisted by Eclipse within the .metadata folder and thus outside of the workspace folder) and properly follow files as they are moved and/or copied.