Version 1

    JBDS does not ship with a UML tool, but a wide variety of modeling tools are available for the eclipse platform. The papyrus MDT eclipse component provides a simple, feature complete, open source UML editor. To install it on JBDS, perform the following steps:


    1. Select Help -> Install New Software...
    2. Add the following software update repositories:
      1. antlr -
      2. emf -
      3. gmf -
      4. modisco -
      5. orbit -
      6. papyrus -
      7. xtext -
      8. ocl -
      9. m2t_xpand - (Archive)
      10. emft_mwe - (Archive)
    3. Select "papyrus" from the Work with: list.
    4. Choose "Papyrus All" and "Papyrus UML" as shown below:install_papyrus.png
    5. Run the software installation.
    6. Within a project, right click and select New -> Other... then select Papyrus Model as shown below:new_papyrus.png

    Refer to the Papyrus site for more information on using the tool in your project.