Version 5

    In our context, aggregation means the retrieval of Content by common Tags. The nice thing is, that the URLs of the content can be gathered from arbitrary outside sources, as long as the content has been attached with the right Tags using the Metajizer Sidebar


    Example Aggregations:

    Aggregate all pages about hibernate

    • We aggregate by one tag "Product:Hibernate", consisting of the Attribute "Product" and the Value "Hibernate".

    All certified reference material on JVM tuning

    We aggregate by the following Tags:

    • "Format:Reference" (consisting of Attribute Format and Value Reference)

    • "Publishlevel:certified" (consisting of Attribute Publishlevel and Value certified)

    • "Keyword:JVM" (consisting of Attribute Keyword and Value JVM)

    • "Keyword:tuning"  (consisting of Attribute Keyword and Value tuning)