Version 3


    You can use that for very simple ant based projects. Setup is intuitive. If you need to be scripting the build process, better use HudsonGroovyBasedJobConfiguration. Anyways you can look at "Old stuff" below on how to use custom ant build files.


    Old stuff - still it works

    I recently started a common_ant.xml build file to hold common targets. It now has a single one - get-soa but more should come. To use it, you can have:

    <property environment="env"></property>
    <import file="${env.HUDSON_CONFIG_DIR}/scripts/common/common_ant.xml"></import>

    Using the config repository is similar to the way it could be used with script based projects. When you're done with setup you'll have in the ant target field something like:

    -f $HUDSON_CONFIG_DIR/scripts/soa/rules/build.xml -Dbasedir=$WORKSPACE target

    To use your local repository for a build during configuration you will have something like:

    -Denv.HUDSON_CONFIG_DIR=/home/akostadinov/repos/hudson -f /home/akostadinov/repos/hudson/scripts/soa/rules/build.xml -Dbasedir=$WORKSPACE target

    NOTE: please see notes for script based projects.