Version 2

    You can always use an Ant task to help automating the deployment of your rules. The DRools distribution provides two sample tasks, their code can be seen here:



    There's also a sample Ant file to be run from Eclipse, maybe set as post build step:



    If you want to run Ant from outside Eclipse, you should add the Eclipse JDT compiler to the drools.classpath as it's needed for rules compilation. Failing that you'll receive the error: Unable to load dialect ''

         <path id="droolsutils.classpath">
              <fileset dir="${TARGET_PLATFORM}/plugins">
                   <include name="**/org.eclipse.jdt.*.jar" ></include>


    Depending on your configuration you might get also the similar error: Unable to load dialect 'org.drools.rule.builder.dialect.mvel.MVELDialectConfiguration:mvel' telling you should add the MVEL jar to the same classpath.


    The Eclipse JDT compiler can be downloaded from here, choose the needed release and browse to "JDT runtime binary":