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    Hello All,


    I am having a requirement to set up an end-to-end ssl setup from browser-apache-jboss and also need to configure BigIP urls on top of it.


    We are having 4 jvm's on the jboss host and all 4 reside on the same host and each jvm has one app deployed onto it. We are planning to use only 1 apache webserver to forward requests to all 4 applications based on the context root.


    I have no problem with forwarding requests from apache to jboss using (mod_jk) and i have created 4 JkMounts one for each Application and everything works absolutely fine. But i am not sure if i can use mod_jk if ssl is enabled on apache?


    I read somewhere that "mod_jk" does not support encrypted data (https / ssl) to forward to jboss is that true? or else is there any other better way to set it up i am going through some docs where it says about "mod_proxy" but i am not sure how i am going to forward requests to four different applications based on the context root.


    One more thing is how do i set up ssl between apache and jboss ? what kind of configurations do i need to make so that apache can make https calls to jboss which also has ssl enabled in it and how do each other trust?


    Any help from who has configured similar environment will be greatly appreciated.