Arquillian Graphene 2



Graphene project is designed as enhancement of Selenium / WebDriver project focused on rapid development and usability in Java environment.

  • API is straightforward and enforces tester to write Ajax-enabled tests
  • encourages to write tests in a consistent level of abstraction using Page Objects and Page Fragments
  • request guarding and interception
  • allows WebDriver API interception
  • integrates with Arquillian using Arquillian Drone extension
  • it enables JQuery selectors as a location strategy which is familiar to web development community
  • brings concepts for on-the-fly injection of extensions to a page code (enabling advanced testing features)


With all the concepts above, Graphene brings new power to space of Java-based testing toolkits.


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Lukas Fryc, Karel Piwko, Juraj Huska

License:LGPL v2.1 or ASL v2.0