Version 4

    Attributes are questions on content

    In the context of the Metajizer, an attribute is one aspect or concern of a piece of Content. Think of it as one question that is asked about the content, like


    Example Attributes

    • How good is it? - corresponding attribute: "Rating"

    • what is its form or format? - corresponding attribute: "Format"

    • What areas of interest does it deal with? - corresponding attribute: "Keyword"

    • How much can it be trusted? - corresponding attribute: "Publishlevel"


    Values are the answers

    The answers to the questions are the actual Values, like the value "Mod_jk" for the attribute "Product" or the value "Tutorial" for the Attribute "Format".

    One attribute/value combination is called a Tag, and the sum of the tags make up the Metadata of a piece of Content in our context.


    Attribute pages in the metajizer


    • If you click on "All available attributes" in the Metajizer Sidebar, a page will open listing - well, all available attributes. See BrowsingTheOntology for details and screenshots

    • If you click on an attribute name the Metajizer Sidebar, a corresponding attribute page will open, listing the values that are available for that attribute, see BrowsingTheOntology for details and screenshots