Version 5

    Use Cases


    Update Dependencies

    A developer wants to upgrade the MicroContainer project to log4j 1.3 from 1.2.9.

    1. Edit the dependencies.xml file in the MicroContainer project to reflect the new version.

    2. Run the &147;update-deps&148; script/ant target.  The script will verify that all downloaded libraries are up to date.  It will see that log4j 1.3 is required but not present and will download it from the repository.

    3. (Optional) Remove the previous version, and add the new to CVS.


    Dependency Version Reconciliation

    A developer is performing a build of the Application Server project.  The Application Server depends on log4j 1.2.9.  The MicroContainer, a dependency of the Application Server, depends on log4j 1.3.  When the developer builds the Application Server, the build system should detect the conflicting versions and issue an error message.


    The alternative is that the build system will build the MicroContainer with the version of log4j specified by the Application Server.  However, this could be prone to error since the MicroContainer might depend on behavior available in log4j 1.3 which would not be caught by a compiler.


    Source Override

    A developer has checked out the Application Server and discovers a bug in the latest binary build of the MicroContainer.  He needs to fix the bug and test the fix with the Application Server.

    1. Checkout the MicroContainer project (in a sibling directory).  The directory will be named according to the naming convention specified in the Application Server&146;s dependencies.xml.

    2. Make the fix.

    3. Build the Application Server project.  The build system will detect the MicroContainer project source and will use its artifacts in lieu of the binary libraries in the Application Server.


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