Version 4

    Incomprehensible Questions


    These fall into a number of different types.


    Assuming knowledge that is specific to your application

    We have no idea how your application works. Any references to your domain model, database tables

    or class/variable names is meaningless to us.


    Trying to be too clever and getting it wrong

    If you don't understand what a term means, don't use the term. Even if somebody does attempt to give you an answer, it is likely going to be the wrong one!


    Tight packed text

    This is fine if you are writing prose or a stuffy scientific paper. But you want get somebody's attention who will answer your question. Too much text is off putting.


    Long winded introductions and irrelevancies

    You are probably very proud of how your application works since you put a lot of work into it. But if we have to read through many paragraphs of irrelevant design discussion, you will likely be ignored.


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