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    The post is too short and lacks key information


    Include "obvious" information

    If you post a question about an ejb deployment problem, you need to at least post the deployment

    descriptors and the error message. Anything less just looks like you don't understand what you are doing.


    Be explicit - don't assume

    What are you assuming that we know? You've probably been working on the problem for a couple of days

    and know the issues inside out and back to front. But we are seeing it for the first time.


    Is your question logical?

    You would be surprised how many times somebody posts lots of information, but doesn't actually say what the problem is. More frequently, it is a step in the middle of the argument that is missing.



    • Question: I have A that does B and Y that does Z. When I do A, Z does not happen?

    • Answer: Why would it? You've obviously missed a step in your explanation.


    You probably won't get an answer until you re-read the question, realise your mistake and add the missing information.


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